Amazing Retirement Communities

Retirement active 55 communities in phoenix az, when you think of them what comes to mind? Many times people think of them as a place for old folks to go, and for some, to be forgotten. However, that’s not necessarily the case. These communities can be and are often wonderful places to grow and meet new friends. Life isn’t over when you move into one of the retirement communities in Phoenix, Arizona it’s only beginning.

Communities for the 55 plus age category are now very much in competition with one another; no longer can they sit back and just expect people to want to come to live there without offering some exceptional amenities.


With more and more healthy and active seniors who want and need an active life, comes the demand for resort type retirement communities. Now people are looking for stimulating things to do, golfing, exercise classes, painting classes, the list goes on.

These wonderful communities are being built around stunning landscapes and are filled with parks and natural space for everyone to appreciate.

The buildings are beautiful and inviting, everything is so aesthetic it’s possible one might want to move in before the age of fifty-five! The time of dreading the move into a retirement community is over.

The natural space around the community makes it all the more inviting, then just take a look at the golf courses. If you are a golfer you will be pleasantly surprised by the size, and beauty of the golf courses available. Even if you aren’t a golfer, you may decide to become one, there’s nothing like the beauty of golf green. The grounds and building are kept up very well and the best part is you don’t have to do it.

Imagine a place where beauty abounds the grass is always perfectly manicured and you don’t need to lift a finger. Someone else takes care of the mowing, the weed eating and the clean up around the grounds. For years this has been your responsibility, now you can relax and enjoy a good game of golf with friends.

communityWith so many resort type activities you would be hard pressed to be bored, as a matter of fact, the only time you would be bored would be if you just wanted to be. Stay busy with friends, enjoy the surrounding beauty, and stay in shape with the many different activities provided.

The activities are almost endless. Do you like to cook? If not you can choose from the restaurants available on property. Do you like to shop? Many retirement communities have shopping areas for you to enjoy. Every day is equivalent to being on vacation, pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the natural space and parks on the property. You are the only one that can limit the possibilities.

Active seniors are provided with aerobics and dance classes, fishing ponds, ballrooms, softball fields, lawn bowling and fitness centers. But that’s not where it ends; try out the indoor and outdoor pools, billiards, mini golf, bowling alley, shuffleboard, table tennis, tennis court, horseshoe pits and indoor walking track. If you don’t like to walk outside or if your health requires it you can walk in a walking pool on property.